About Us

This is the official DURIA Durian eCommerce online store. DURIA Musang King durian mooncakes are manufactured by Duria Manufacturing Sdn Bhd.

DURIA Musang King Snow Skin Mooncake has won the top Durian Mooncake sale record in China for 5 consecutive years. 

Our products are:

  • No Preservatives
  • Fillings Are Made of 100% Durian Flesh 
  • No Animal Fats (suitable for vegetarians)
  • Halal Certified
  • ISO Certified Manufacturing
  • Cold Vehicle Transportation To Keep Product Fresh 

Duria Manufacturing Sdn Bhd | Duria Malaysia

Meekco Enterprise Sdn Bhd is Duria Malaysia's Official Digital Enabler Partner.

这是Duria Durian官方网购商店。Duria 猫山王榴莲冰皮月饼是由 DURIA 制造私人有限公司制造。



  • 无防腐剂
  • 馅料由100% 榴莲肉制成, 无动物脂肪 (适合素食者)
  • 清真认证
  • ISO 认证制造
  • 冷藏车运输保持产品新鲜

Meekco 企业有限公司是 DURIA 马来西亚的官方数码启用合作伙伴。